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Problem: firefighters are every day at risk, their safety depends on quick response, teamwork and ability to access the situation quickly. They lose people every year and there is no way to find a person inside when there is "man down" situation. Moreover, the level of danger is mainly identified only by smoke colour.

Solution: to provide chief of command with better overview and show him what is happenning inside, Sensofire gives insight into air quality data using smart sensors, which helps to reduce risk of exposions and losing people. With smart wearables and safety tracking system there will be no "man down" situation anymore at high risk fires. Using drones for complex forest fires helps firefighters to address the situation faster and develop better strategy quickly, when every minute counts.

Result: two launching customers within 2 weeks, 5+ requests during next weeks from all over the world. It's proven to be a real problem worth solving.

Client: Maarten Koks (idea owner, volunteer at Amstelveen firefighters) for KPN 4G innovation program together with Sanoma Ventures.