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Syndy (former Syndicate Plus)

Problem1: complex value proposition for brands and retailers (product data publishing, sourching and exchange) wasn't clear enough for the customers. Previous design was clean but basic with generic messaging.

Solution1: customer interviews with the target group to identify which message should be communicated. At least 12 versions of designs, evaluated together with the team and their target group; perfect product content landing page to illustrate Syndy's solution; new smoke tests after identification of the real pain for the customers.

Problem2: UIX of the platform was perceived as "locked, dull, boxed" and not visual at all.

Solution2: UIX for the platform after rounds of customer interviews, where we realised (together with Migle Nevieraite) that our customers were visual people with Pinterest accounts. We took this into consideration and build interface that resembled what they liked, letting our customers manage their products as their "precious visual collections".

My work: customer interviews with the target group, UIX, validation (smoke tests, clickable prototypes and concierge MVP) and visual communication.