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Strategic product design that fits your customer needs

To help entrepreneurs, corporate innovators, growth hackers and marketers
I created Problem-Solution fit canvas.


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Product design,
UI & UX with continuous customer feedback

Lean user experience design, identifying real problems/needs, understanding customer behaviour to design solution with the highest chances of solution adoption probability.
Check Problem-Solution fit canvas here.

Creative direction, branding & concept design

Testing how people understand and perceive it, fitting new ideas into existing behaviour, iterating based on customer feedback.

Business communication: presenting and explaining your product & vision.

Analysing unfair advantage and value proposition to explain it to your customers, investors, partners with clear USP's, good communication and visual presentation (productizing).

Conversion rate optimization and UX fixes.

Helping you to fix cumbersome, messy interfaces and user experience, reassure and persuade your customers leading them to purchase decision.

Corporate innovation strategy and program design.

Strategic program design for innovation goals, identifing strengths and weaknesses, current assets and unfair advantage to enable business model innovation. Program design and workshop facilitation, aimed to build new skills, think outside the box and come up with solutions that work.


Shape your future web project with sharp design and refine coded functions.